Program – January 18, 2016

Peggy Osterkamp – Stitching

Peggy Osterkamp’s work with Yoshiko Wada about stitching has inspired her, and some of our members asked her to share her thoughts and ideas. You may remember the book with pages of stitches she showed at one of our meetings.
Peggy will bring threads, needles, needle threaders and cloth pages for members to make their own needle books during the program with their stitchings.


Peggy will also talk about mending—as art and as a way to save your own garments. A simple and fast way to mend sweater holes and how to darn socks as well as darning as art, relaxation, and fun will be part of the program.

The program is meant to be relaxing, pleasurable and creative. The needle books you make can be taken home and used as is or added to later on your own time.

Peggy will show stitching and mending from India, Japan, books, and give lots of ideas to try and to think about. She found a handwoven table cloth from her almost-ancestors that was mended—it used to be that people mended things rather than throwing them away. It’s a great way to reuse/refresh/recycle!!

* Meeting schedule for this month only:
6:45 – Social Time
* 7:00  – Program starts with Peggy getting people started on the stitching projects
7:30 – 8:00 – Business meeting while people are stitching
8:00 – 9:00 – Finish program on stitching, mending, etc.


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