PROGRAM – February 15, 2016

Joanne Salz – Indigo Dyeing

Joanne Salz will present an overview of indigo dyeing with lots of examples and recourses.

She says, “I’ve done indigo dyeing periodically through my years as a weaver, but always under someone’s supervision, and hesitated to try it myself because it seemed difficult and tricky. I love the the color and magic of it though so when I tried the simple Dharma kit it was a revelation. I’ll show you how it works and tell you about other ways, from Japanese masters to local classes. I have lots of lovely books and dyed examples to share!”

Will anyone who has done indigo dyeing (and I know there are some experienced and new dyers in our group) please bring something old or new to share.  And feel free to share examples of items dyed with indigo that you have collected.


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