PROGRAM – February 20, 2017

Diane Cutler – Weaver, Spinner, Knitter and Dyer

unnamedDiane Cutler is a former member of the Redwood Guild who now lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

She writes: As a child of 10 years, I was taught to knit.  As I grew older I knitted as a hobby.  After graduating in Cosmetology, raising three boys, and working full time in my salon, knitting took a back seat.  After the boys were grown and left the house, I learned to weave.  I fell in love with the whole process.  Some of my Guild members spun and thought I should also.  It has been a wonderful trip and weaving, knitting, spinning and then dyeing has been an adventure still happening.  What I will show you is a small part of many wonderful hours.


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