PROGRAM – March 20, 2017

Youngmin Lee – Bojagi:  Korean Wrapping Cloths

Youngmin Lee is a textile artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a BA in Clothing and Textile and an MFA in Fashion Design, Youngmin has presented workshops on Korean Textile Arts including Bojagi workshops at the Asian Art Museum, Oakland Museum, Richmond Art Center, Mendocino Art Center, LACMA, Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh PA and numerous textile guilds. In addition to teaching in person, Youngmin created the DVD Bojagi: The Art of Wrapping Cloths to reach people from afar. She is organizing the Korean Textile Tour in October 2017 with Mirka Knaster and Lissa Miner. She also is involved in bringing contemporary Korean fiber artworks to introduce in U.S.

Youngmin’s bojagi works were shown in the U.S. including Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Muckenthaler Center in Fullerton, Mendocino Art Center and internationally such as Korea Bojagi Forum exhibits in Jeju and Seoul in Korea and Romania.

Youngmin’s Thoughts about Bojagi

Jogakbo, the art of Korean patchwork wrapping cloths (bojagi), embodies the philosophy of recycling, as the cloths are made from remnants of leftover fabric. It also carries wishes for the well-being and happiness of its recipients. This labor of love and prayers imbued bojagi with a memory of affection. I chose bojagi as my creative medium, and I appreciate the beauty that results from the long and slow process of hand stitching. Bojagi work comforts me as it connects my native culture and my adopted culture.

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